About Us

"Hello! We are D’Paws, a local business born in the heart of Caguas, Puerto Rico, with a purpose that beats strong: 'To provide love and style to your faithful furry companions.' Our story began in 2020, a year full of challenges, but also opportunities to make a difference. Driven by our passion for animals and the need to care for and pamper our four-legged friends during tough times, we brought D’Paws to life.

Every accessory you find here has been selected with love and dedication. We know that pets are more than just animals; they are valuable members of our families, endless sources of joy and loyalty. From comfortable harnesses to toys that will make their tails wag with joy, each item tells a story of affection and connection.

The pandemic situation not only inspired us but also reminded us of the importance of compassion and solidarity. That's why, at D’Paws, we not only care about providing quality products but also ensure they are made with love for each one of you. Because loving pets is part of our essence.

We invite you to explore our virtual corner and discover those details that make life with your furry friends even more special. Thank you for being part of the D’Paws community and allowing us to be part of the story of your adorable furry companions!"